Function Spaces

The Yard

Book yourself some space in our hugely popular astroturfed yard. Spread out in the sun on classic picnic tables and beans bags & relax. With a maximum capacity of 500 people you can have a little picnic or a massive party.

The Stage

Secure the best seats in the house on the elevated main Stage. A great location for outdoor dining and people watching the Stage is a local favourite. With a maximum capacity of 20 people its great for small parties or big dinners.

R18 Area

Our magnificent multicoloured Circus Tent is totally mobile and can be shifted around the site at leisure. The perfect option for big parties and weddings the Circus Tent makes any event better by offering colourful weather protection and can be used in conjunction with many of our other spaces such as the love shack bar.

Note: This is not a image of ‘The Circus Tent’, more images coming soon

Surf Shack


The Garden

Check out our expansive garden area with its beautiful promenade deck, spacious lawn and mature trees. Nestled beside the old brewery The Garden is available for weddings, community events or anything that requires a big, beautiful open space for loads of people. It is fully fenced and provides a safe, private venue seperate from the rest of the Tavern.

Note: This is not a image of ‘The Garden’, more images coming soon

The Greenhouse

A warm & sunny little space for a breakfast meeting, birthday party or mum club the Sunroom is a lovely, colourful spot to chill out or catch up. Close to the playground and ice cream it is a favourite for kids parties and family events. With a maximum capacity of 20 people this sun trap is perfect for  casual cruising.

The Booths

This super popular, bright, booth seated gem easily fits 30 people and is awesome for a big family gathering or birthday party. Besides being perfect for containing unruly children in party mode its also a great little spot for work meetings and announcements.

The Conservatory

Up in the conservatory everything seems a little cooler. This heavily planted, sub tropical getaway is great for special occasions and larger groups looking for a bit of privacy. With a maximum capacity of 50 people its also perfect for presentations, staff training and comes with its own spacious private deck.

The Tent

The back Tent is a great spot for work drinks and team chats. A natural afternoon sun trap the Tent is unbeatable for slugging jugs on leaners and rowdy beery banter. Surprising big, you can seat up to 60 people on its colourful leaners.